About the Practitioner 

"My loving parents instilled in me the notion of caring for others and performing best practices with honesty and integrity at an early age. Raised by an electrical engineer and a systems analyst, one could say my left brain was heavily cultivated with a deep respect and appreciation for Western sciences and medicine. There has always been, however, a part of me that also looked to the arts, metaphysics and alternative teachings and holistic healing modalities rooted in Eastern philosophies to feel complete and whole. As I reflect on my life's path, I've always sought the balance of Western and Eastern teachings, material sciences and spiritual practices, and achieving self-fulfillment without taking away from others.  With respect and permission, I endeavor to help others through Knowledge that I've gained from various teachings and experiences; and importantly, to do so with gratitude, humility and 'Excellence in Action.'"
- May Young, Owner of Forms In Harmony LLC
(pictured below with Dr. Ibrahim Karim)

May has always felt that places and things ought to support wellness in all living beings -- people, animals, and plants. This intuitive belief inspired her to establish Forms In Harmony LLC  to offer more holistic and innovative solutions to modern-day concerns.

Prior to founding Forms In Harmony, May sought teachings in alternative modalities and energy healing rooted in Eastern cultures, as well as sustainable design. Impressed with Dr. Ibrahim Karim and his BioGeometry® principles and practices and "Excellence in Action" philosophy, May pursued and received certification in BioGeometry® Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) under the tutelage of Sayed Karim, Director of BG-EHS.

A designer at heart, May is working to develop harmonized designs for people and pets to enjoy. May also finds fulfillment in helping to create a harmonized environment -- a home sanctuary -- in which her Clients and their families may transform and thrive through BioGeometry®.  

May is an Independent Licensed BG-EHS Associate-Practitioner certified to perform proprietary BioGeometry® Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) services for the residential environment and enjoys working with Clients primarily in AZ, CA, CO, FL, NV and TX.  In her quest to spread the beneficial "BG3" energy, she is open to considering projects outside of these areas.

May further supports the wellness of others through pro bono work  in various energy healing modalities, including Pranic Healing©.  She lives in appreciation and admiration of her West Coast surroundings and of her husband and two Giant Schnauzers.