frequently asked questions

What is BG-EHS?

BioGeometry® Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) is holistic and recognizes we have an energy connection with our environment that affects our quality of life and well-being.

BG-EHS services harmonize environments based on the principles of BioGeometry®.  

BG-EHS services geometrically enhance home environments through calibrated installations of proprietary BioGeometry® devices -- specialized objects with unique combinations of forms and angles.

The BioGeometry® devices amplify the beneficial energy quality of “BG3" to harmonize environmental stress that may be caused by electromagnetic and geopathic stress (earth radiation), building materials, interior finishes, and disturbances from certain design and structural elements.

What is BioGeometry®

BioGeometry® is a modern field of science founded by renown architect and innovator, Dr. Ibrahim Karim. BioGeometry® utilizes specially-designed languages of shapes, color, sound, motion and wave configuration to induce harmony into biological subtle energy systems.  

What is BG3?

Discovered by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, BioGeometry 3 (aka "BG3") is the confluence of three basic energy qualities of Horizontal Negative Green, Higher Harmonic of Ultra Violet and Higher Harmonic of Gold.  

"BG3" is found in sacred sites all over the world and is considered to be beneficial in promoting growth and healing in all living things.

How will my environment be harmonized? 

The BG-EHS practitioner uses proprietary BioGeometry® protocols and measurement tools to identify and amplify the energy quality of "BG3," a beneficial energy field that harmonizes environmental stress and energetic disturbances that may be caused by:
  • electromagnetic fields (EMF, EMR)
  • geopathic stress (earth radiation, Hartmann-Benker and Curry gridlines)
  • building materials
  • interior finishes
  • design and structural elements.

Specialized BioGeometry® devices are meticulously calibrated and installed throughout the home environment to amplify "BG3," inducing holistic harmonization of the space.  
  • BioGeometry® devices are relatively small: from approximately 1" diameter to 8" high x 1"wide.  
  • Made of clear acrylic, they blend with any home design or aesthetic.  
  • General location for the installation of BioGeometry® devices are determined with the guidance of the Client.   The BG-EHS practitioner identifies the exact placement within the selected general location and meticulously calibrates the device for optimized effect.
  • Apart from light dusting, there is no maintenance required.

What are the BG-EHS Services?
BG-EHS Introductory
: harmonization of one room (Master Bedroom/Suite or Home Office).

BG-EHS Essential:  harmonization of entire house.

What is the fee for a BG-EHS Service?

Our BG-EHS Service fee is a fixed fee that covers both time and materials (BioGeometry® devices).  We provide a service quote based on the scope of the project, size and condition of the residential property.

We invite you to contact us to help determine the BG-EHS Service level that best meets your needs and to answer any questions you may have.  

Is BG-EHS similar to Feng Shui?

Feng Shui and BioGeometry® Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) are two holistic disciplines that may promote harmony and balance within an environment.  Whereas Feng Shui is based on ancient Eastern traditions that still benefit today’s society, BioGeometry® Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) is founded on the principles of BioGeometry®, a modern science that continually evolves to address the impact of advanced technologies in today's more complex environment. 

BG-EHS is considered to be highly effective in countering recent concerns over increased exposure to synthetic materials and technologies that may emit high EMF and EMR levels often associated with "electrosmog."  

Research studies, conducted with universities, companies and third-party organizations, have revealed the foundations of BG-EHS (i.e., BioGeometry® principles and proprietary tools) may have a highly significant and positive impact on all life systems – people, animals and plants.